Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 11

empress corrin

“Imperial Endeavors” – Part 10 (A Tale of the new Skrull Empress, Corrin)

Throneworld Reborn

Skrull Date:   3.45.06

Throneworld Reborn

Prince Varkur, my younger brother, embraced me as soon as I entered the throne room. It felt good to be in his arms, to know that I had someone who supported my every decision. His loyalty to me was never in question and because of that I would always protect him. When the embrace is finished, I kiss him on the cheek. “We have made much progress, brother. Our people will be strong.”

He nods at me and takes my hands in his. “Good, Corrin, but do not forget to make yourself strong. The only way any of us survive this in the long term is with a strong ruler. Be careful on who you surround yourself with.”

I laugh because I know the overprotectiveness for what it is. “Not everyone can be you, Varkur. You are one of the few good, true men amongst the Skrull. The rest of us have been made too bitter by war and conflict.”

I knew why Varkur was such a man of character, but I would never voice it to him. His disability, the one that rendered his shape shifting painful, had forged him into a man of principle. He had constantly been an object of scorn and pity so he latched on to the one person who never saw him as such. And even now I did not see the Prince as a cripple. I saw his birth defect as a hidden weapon. Too many underestimated his worth and that made him dangerous. I needed him far more than he needed me.

“Are you sure that we can trust Jinoch? He strikes me as a man of ambition. Can we really look to him to stand with you?”

Varkur’s question was a valid one, but I couldn’t turn away all those who would help me. “He’s not a problem…at least not yet. The real issue is the Kivenit and the Imperial Historians.”

“What about Wolloch and the Super-Skrull?”

“I think they can be made to understand what I intend to do for our people. They are patriots at their core. They’ll stand by me once I see that I intend to keep the core values of our people.” I move past my brother and move up the steps leading to my throne. Lights shift underneath the chair, making it appear to forever shift in color.

I sit down and stare out of a large window to my right. The city beneath me is full of noise and transport tubes are alit blue with the bustle of industry. “I hope I do not bring this place to flames brother.”

Varkur moves closer to me, hands behind his back. “Striking against the Axi-Tun before they strike against us will show everyone you are meant to be Empress. Whatever consequence that brings we can deal with when it comes.”

I sigh. “I can only hope, brother. I can only hope.”

“You’re worried about them discovering your…relationship?” Varkur, sweet brother that he is, tries to be as kind about my secret as possible.

“I would hardly call a torrid liaison with an Axi-Tun god a relationship. But yes, I do worry about them discovering it. It could mean the end of everything I’ve worked for.”

Varkur fell to bended knee. “Then we annihilate any who might discover it. The reign of Empress Corrin will not end until our people are once again in glory.”


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