Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 12


“The New Compact” Pt. 1

Vurla (Kymellian Government World)

Skrull Date: 3.80.06

Star-Lord stood shoulder to shoulder with Adam Warlock as they watched the delegations of four races all convening together in peace.  The tall, reptilian Z’Nox worked alongside the equestrian Kymellians.  The Alpha Centauri tried their best to exchange jokes with the many-tentacled Quists.  Peter Quill shook his head at the ongoing display.  “Never thought I would see any of these guys trying to work together.”

“Too much has happened for these kinds of shifts to be avoided,” Warlock replied.  He looked out amongst the gathering of different sentients with his usual cold, objective gaze.  Star-Lord use to question if there was any humanity in him, but knew better now.  They had been through too much.  Enough for anything that was soulless to easily walk away from.  Warlock never had and Star-Lord doubted that he ever would.

“Yea, but Kymellians with Z’Nox?  Alpha Centaurians I could buy.”

On the other side of the auditorium were Moondragon and Photon.  Guarding the east and west of it were the remainder of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  The Kymellians had asked them here to serve as an objective and outsider security force for the signing of the treaty.   The Galactic Mutual Protection Pact they were calling it.  Star-Lord knew why such a thing had even come into being.   The Shi’ar were finally beginning to recoup from wounds that would allow them to expand again.   The Skrull were like a wounded animal, most dangerous when cornered.   Then there were the Axi-Tun who seemed to smell blood in the water.

“There will be other such alliances,” Warlock said.  “There is a strange energy permeating the galaxy.  Something beyond normal perception.”

Star-Lord sighed, suspecting things were too quiet.  “Any idea as to what?”

“No.  There have been too many dimensional incursions for me to distinguish the source.”  Warlock frowned as the Soul Gem on his head shined green for a moment.  “This alliance is built on shaky ground.  Too many ill intentions stir amongst them.”

Star-Lord shrugged.  “That’s politics.”

A shimmering gold sphere rose among up from the gathered alien delegates and on it were images of each of the races homeworlds.   There was the shimmering green and purple of Kymellia, the dark brown of Noxon, the red and black of Istara and finally the intense blue of Centauri Prime.  It was a symbol of unity that Star-Lord knew was being cast across all of the races various territories.  But he was well aware that a hundred other races were watching as well.  The combined strength of this alliance made them a new power, a new threat.  While they weren’t on part with any of the Big Three, Peter knew that it at least made them able to go a few rounds with them.

Warlock nodded, as if sensing his thoughts.  “Yes, this changes things my friend.  Our work is not yet over.”

“Is it ever?”

A voice rang out from the sphere, somehow blending the voices of all four races.  “The Galactic Mutual Protection Pact is sealed!”


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