Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 13


“The New Compact” Pt. 2

Vurla (Kymellian Government World)

Skrull Date: 3.80.06

Ambassador Molladi had pulled the Guardians into his private chambers once the proceedings to initiate the alliance were concluded.   He was a purple-furred Kymellian with a long, stringy white mane.  His eyes carried the chrome hue that served as a signal for a climb into old age.  White hooves clicked softly against the padded floor as he made his way to a floating chair.  The ambassador let out a long sigh when he sat down, comfort finally returning to his tired knees.   “I want to thank you all again for being so gracious and coming to this.”

Star-Lord nodded.  “The Kymellians have been good allies.”

The Ambassador laughed, but it sounded more like a strained neigh.  “You would not say the same of our new allies.”

Blue Marvel cleared his throat.  “You would have to understand our caution with most of them.  The Z’Nox and Quist have both tried to invade Earth at some point.”

The Ambassador laughed again.  “Who in the galaxy hasn’t tried that?  But your concerns are valid and noted.”

Gamora eyed the Kymellian with her usual lethalness.  Her hands rested on her hips in a show that she wasn’t a threat.  No one seemed to trust her if her hands weren’t firmly placed on something.  Star-Lord knew the thought for how it stupid it truly was.  The woman was just as deadly with her legs.   “You didn’t call us here to hear our concerns.”

“Always to the point eh assassin?”  the ambassador flapped his lips.  “Or does that title no longer apply to you anymore?”

“Ambassador, if there is something you want us to address then please let us address it,” Blue Marvel intervened. Star-Lord nodded his appreciation to the scientist far from Earth.  He knew how easily Gamora could lose her cool and apparently she’d had some less than fun run-ins with the Kymellians.

The old ambassador leaned forward in his chair and pressed a small white indent on the side of it.  The indent hissed and it popped out a small cylinder that the Kymellian tossed to Drax, who caught it with ease.  “Careful with that.  Someone like yourself could crush that without much of a problem.”

Warlock eyed the cylinder.  “And just what is…that?”

“A data patch.  A year’s worth of our intelligence on the Skrull and Axi-Tun.  All of our intelligence communities across this new alliance have compiled this data together for you.”

Moondragon scoffed.  “Surely not as some measure of gratitude.  What is your play Ambassador?  I grow weary of your banal politics.”

The Ambassador flapped his lips again.  “As do I, Moondragon.  But we all have our parts to play in this grand galaxy of ours.  And I hope this information will help you decide to take on another mission for us.”

Star-Lord folded his arms across his chest.  “Look, we’ve already made it clear we don’t operate for any one political body.”

The Ambassador nodded.  “I wouldn’t expect you to.  But the information might sway your mind on embarking on one more endeavor for us.”

“We’re listening,” Photon said exchanging skeptical glances with both Star-Lord and Blue Marvel.  Peter was happy to have the two new additions to the team.  They added some much needed level-headed experience.   He imagined things having gone differently if Groot and Rocket were here.  That thought made him sad.

The Ambassador closed his eyes and a tremble passed them through.  “The Skrull and Axi-Tun are planning to go to war.  You can’t let that happen.”


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