Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 14


“The New Compact” Pt. 3

Planet Tun

Capital City of Hippera

Skrull Date: 4.05.06

Today was Empress Sabine’s coronation and the entirety of the capital city had come out to see her rise to the throne. There was a palpable excitement in the air because everyone had high expectations for the new, young Empress. Never before in the history of the Axi-Tun had they stood so poised to take a mighty position in the universe. The Skrull were all but extinct and the Kree were not much better off. Their former territories were prime for the picking and it would be the Axi-Tun that capitalized on it. The superiority of their race would be known to everyone in galactic earshot.

Empress Sabine floated above the crowds on an anti-gravity platform, waving to them and taking in their cheers. She was a thin Axi-Tun woman with long white hair and a narrow face. A sleeveless black dress clung tightly to her body and bangles of the same color wrapped around her arms. The slightest sliver of gold wrapped around the yellow skin of her forehead, indicating her position as ruler of all the Axi-Tun Empire. Her face was set in steel like her Uncle who previously ruled. She needed the people to see that she would be able to fulfill their dreams of an Axi-Tun Empire more glorious than any of them had ever before seen.

She was alone on her floating platform, as it should be. The people needed to see that she needed no one’s protection and in truth, she really didn’t. Sabine was not some helpless ruler incapable of defending herself. She had been trained in the Five Arts of Kin and was a master of the magical arts of Indoqui. Anyone who was bold enough to come for her throne would not find a frail thing waiting. Pressing a small, green triangle button on the platform’s railing, Sabine knew that her voice would be heard by everyone in the city. Now was the time for her to make her statement and let her people know that the Axi-Tun would be an empire that would last through the ages.

“My people, we are great!” A roar came up from the thousands and Sabine fought back a smile. She needed to be immovable. “The universe will now know it. Those who once thought themselves masters of the universe have been crippled by their arrogance. If they had possessed the superiority of the Axi-Tun race then we might have had reason to fear. But we do not. They are weak! We are strong!”

Another roar went up from the people. Sabine almost laughed at how easy it was to feed their egos. She never doubted the superiority of the Axi-Tun, but they needed to hear it constantly. Her Uncle had warned her about the pleasures of the people. They needed to be constantly reminded that they were not merely ordinary and that in your heart they were as elevated as you were. Sabine already had her strategy in place. Let her appearance and beauty make people aspire to be her and let her give them the hope that they actually could be. For while the Axi-Tun were superior, there were those within her race who were even more so.

“My promise to you is this. Our Empire will grow and we will become the strongest of the strong. All of the Axi-Tun will benefit from this growth.” Sabine pressed a white circle button on the platform and a hologram of a green planet appeared above her. “This planet was once dominated by the Skrull and served as a mighty military fortress.”

“My first order as your Empress was to send a fleet to this planet. It will be ours before the day is done. Our greatness begins now!”

The cheers would ring throughout the city for the rest of the night.



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