Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 15


“The New Compact” Pt. 4

Planet Tun

Palace of Superiors

Skrull Date: 4.05.06

“How goes the invasion?” Sabine asked to her gathered Admirals. There were thirteen of them assembled around her throne in a semi-circle. They were all old men with their wispy, white hair pulled up into high ponytails. She would have to work on changing the composition of this group. A ruler about to embark on the course she was headed on needed fresh thinking. Fresh minds were the only way to new paths and she intended to blaze many of those.

“The invasion is proceeding as expected. Minimal resistance. Mostly from what remained of the Skrull military’s presence on the planet,” Admiral Kaati said. One half of his face was rough, bumpy skin. A sign of him suffering from Lakera’s Disease as a child. Sabine cringed at the thought of having to live in a time when that disease was present. Thankfully, modern medical science had seen an end to that disfiguring contagion. The Empress found that Kaati’s disfigurement made him a blunt man.

“Though I would have wished to seen our forces hold back some. If only to get a good look at some of the Skrull technologies present on the planet,” Admiral Sucaar said, his face like a mournful funeral procession. Sabine found that the man was excessively melancholy and grated at her nerves constantly. Who wanted to be in such a presence when one was pursuing greatness? Her Uncle had called the man shrewd, but Sabine found him to be a waste of time.

“We will have many more planets for which to scour Skrull technology from,” Sabine said with a sigh. She wanted to let the Admirals know her disinterest with Sucaar. Let them smell the bait and take charge of that hunt. “What of the Skrull population on the planet?”

Admiral Punaal filled her in on that area of the attack. “As you ordered, we allowed as many of the population to escape as we could without making it look obvious. Though I wonder if it is wise to allow the Skrull to consolidate themselves?”

Sabine smiled, it was cold and vicious. Her time growing up in her Uncle’s shadow had taught her that ruthlessness was the only way to dictate the throne. You could never let anyone believe that they had a chance to come after you. For even the slightest opening and you would have a hundred zars-zars at your door trying to tear you asunder. “I have a plan Admiral. I want the universe to see me destroy all that remains of the Skrull with one fell stroke.”

Understanding passed through each of the Admirals, but it was Admiral Vudanaa who voiced it. “You want to destroy them all?”

Sabine nodded, her fingers tracing the ridges of her arm rests. Like her throne, she had been crafted by the finest hands and would stand immortal. “Yes, I want to wipe them all out. The Skrull have been a disease on space that I would see removed. If the people are truly to believe the new glory of the Axi-Tun then the old must be wiped away. I can think of no better example of this than the Skrull. Unless some of you had a better suggestion?”

The Empress knew that it would be Admiral Vudanaa to speak. He was part of the school of thought that called itself “New Tunism”. It believed that the superiority of the Axi-Tun should be spread through education and lifting up of the lesser races. Not through war and subjugation. Vudanaa had been careful in keeping his beliefs mostly in private conversation, but there were few things that escaped the ears of the throne. Especially on Hippera.

“Would it not be better to keep the Skrulls as slaves? Their abilities could prove useful to your plans and I believe breaking the Skrull is as powerful a statement as destroying them absolutely.”

Sabine smiled. “I will take it into consideration. You are all dismissed. Please keep me updated on the status of the invasion.”


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