Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 16


“The New Compact” Pt. 5

Planet Tun

Admiral Sucaar’s Home (The Red District of Hippera)

Skrull Date: 4.05.06

“She is arrogant. Even more so than I suspected she would be,” Admiral Sucaar said, staring out the window of his high rise home overlooking the city. The Red District was home to many of Hippera’s wealthiest so opulence was spread out in front of him. Every building was topped off with a black sphere to symbolize the dark world from which the gods of Inishaak once ruled Tun. The dark world represented power and dominance, two traits that the Axi-Tun valued above all else. It was the pursuit of those things that had driven Sucaar to recent decisions.


A crimson shadow stirred behind the Admiral. He still wasn’t quite sure what the shadow was or where it had come from. Its face was always hidden behind layers of tattered cloaks and it spoke with a voice that sounded like a hundred different ones all at once. All that the Admiral knew was that the shade had come to him promising power shortly before Sabine’s Uncle, the previous ruler, had fallen ill. The shadow of dim red offered him power, absolute power in exchange for a loyalty. Sucaar would not have been a good and true Axi-Tun if he had said no.


“Good. Let her arrogance propel our plans forward.”


“Is she really the best tool for us to use in this? The Empress is too self-asborbed. She believes that her conquering of the Skrull is almost assured,” Sucaar said, taking a sip of notha juice that had been prepared by his concubines. He always waited for the day when one gave up on life enough to try and poison him. It was almost a game for the Admiral. He wanted to see who was more tired of life. Him or them? So far in the past five years, he had come out the winner every time.


The shade moved by him sending a chill through the Admiral that wasn’t physical. It touched him on a mental level, like a fear that someone long buried away finding its way into a dream. You knew that you could forget, but it would still always be there. This crimson shadow admittedly frightened him, but it frightened the Admiral more that this shadow might have gone to someone else first. He had already seen what the shade could do. It had put Sabine on the throne.


“Isn’t it? The Skrulls have been reduced to ashes of their former selves. They are a broken race,” the shade said, stopping its whistling movement by Admiral Sucaar’s side. The Admiral didn’t look at it directly. He had tried before in an attempt to discern some feature behind the cloaks and red, but could find none.


The Admiral sipped his blue liquid, sweet and thick. His eyes were focused on what he one day knew he would control. “It is when people are broken that they can be the most dangerous. The Kree taught the Skrulls war. I loathe to think what we might teach them.”


“Have faith Sucaar. Empress Sabine is just a tool to jumpstart everything I have promised you,” the shade said, Sucaar knowing the half-truth in that statement. The shade had indeed made promises, but he could not fulfill. Many times there had been talk of masters and higher powers. The shade was just a messenger and that alone made Sucaar know he would triumph. For if such a terrifying thing could be just a messenger then what could the masters possibly be?


“I have often wondered one thing. Why not just keep Sabine in her place? If she is going to be such a conqueror then why do you need me at all?”


“Because there are terrible things to be done. Things that the young Empress won’t be able to stomach


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