Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 17


“The New Compact” Pt. 6

The Akara- Capital Ship of the Axi-Tun Invasionary Fleet

Captain Nubitun watched from his commander’s seat the fleet bombarding the Skrull planet again and again. It would only be a matter of hours before the planet was broken completely and the first of the great Empress’ victories would be achieved. Blue and purple balls of energy were being flung at the planet, probably destroying lives and breaking infrastructure. Nubitun was almost bored at the ease of the attack. Was this really all that remained of the might Skrull Empire?

“Captain!” Nubitun’s energy specialist called out from his right. “Dimensional disturbances! All around us!”

Nubitun rose up in his seat. “What?! From who?”

The captain’s first thought went to the Shi’ar. They would stand the most to lose by the Axi-Tun filling in the gaps left by the Skrull Empire. But they were an empire on the rebound. Would they really be so provactive as to attack them here?

“I’m not able to tell sir. But…it looks like Skrull sir. At least a hundred different rifts.”

Nubitun ground his teeth before responding. “That’s no possible. They would have to have pulled together every ship they could find to—


Captain Thris felt his ship rock violently as it moved away from a battering maneuver from a Skrull cruiser. He couldn’t believe how insanely these Skrull fought. They were fighting with no regard for their own lives. What sort of hellish universe had these Skrulls come from? The captain thought only something truly awful could have created this armada of insanity. Had they been as crazy for even believing that the Skrull galaxy could be conquered?

No! Empress Sabine was right. A time of greatness was at hand for them. They may be facing an unexpected enemy, but the Axi-Tun would rise all the same. His ship rocked again.

“Captain, our sub space drive is damaged. Imminent leakage is expected—

The ship exploded.

It was an action repeated across the whole of the Axi-Tun fleet until only a few dozen cruisers were forced to retreat into hyperspace in a desperate attempt to escape numbers they had never expected to encounter. The numbers were unexpected even for the Skrull population on the planet that the Axi-Tun Empire had intended to take. They sent communications up to see who these mysterious saviors where and just where had this amount of Skrull had been hiding.

The response they received left the Skrulls planet side hovering between chilled and exhilarated. “Skrulls of Universe ZS23, The Kybln Combine has come to your aid. I am General Ragkanor. We know of the destruction that Galactus has wrought on this universe. We have come to correct it. We have come to right wrong.”

The message was quickly passed along communication channels until all of what remained of The Skrull people heard it. And as they heard it, more ships belonging to The Kybln Combine began to appear across Skrull space. They came in a host of variety and shapes ranging from gigantic cubs to ships that looked like swarms connected with the thinnest of rods. The host of ships numbered in the millions and in a matter of hours what had been a broken empire now found itself revived.

“The Kybln Combine invites you to join us. We are Skrulls from across The Multiverse, wronged by Galactus and others like him. Today is your people’s resurrection day.”

One ship, long and jagged like a hunting knife, hovered in the space where Skrullos, esteemed homeworld of the Skrulls, once existed before Galactus saw fit to destroy it. The ship shook and shimmered red before one of its hangar bays opened and out of it floated a white cube that wasn’t any bigger than a Skrull’s hand. The cube drifted in space for thousands of feet before finally coming to a stop like a hand had reached out wrapping around it. A humming noise began to emanate from the cube, low at first. It continued to grow in volume until the ship that had launched it was rocked by the noise.

And then the waves of light began to emanate from it.


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