Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 10

empress corrin

“Imperial Endeavors” – Part 10 (A Tale of the new Skrull Empress, Corrin)

Throneworld Reborn

Skrull Date:   3.30.06

The Punil Cubes
Cube One

All of this was mines. Lined in front of me, behind me, above and beneath me were rows and rows of glass cylinders filled with the creations sanctioned by Emperor Punil. They were genetic hybrids born from the genetic material of the entire Skrull Empire. In these canisters were the genetic remains of species now completely extinct. Wiped away like sands against a tide by the Annihilation Wave. Many I could identify and just as many were alien.

They all apparently had Skrull as their base DNA and the mixtures spread out from there. I saw some combined and split with dumalites, three-horned dirks, truga plants and a host of other species. Punil had been mad and brilliant to sanction this project. His foolish error came in not utilizing these beautiful weapons. Walking to one of the canisters, I rub my hand against it, expanding my fingers in length.

“This should not have been denied us,” I say, feeling Jinoch’s presence behind me. “We could have used this against the Wave.”

“Perhaps, but I think it would have done little good. It is better that we find them now,” Jinoch said. He sounded completely confident in his statement, but I couldn’t be sure. We needed everything we could muster against the Wave and to find all these weapons hiding in every corner only served to infuriate me. Bureaucracy and the weight of history had contributed to my people’s current state as much as Annihilus did. Never again. Never again would such foolish impediments keep my people from the greatness they truly deserved.

I pull my hand back and rub it against my throat. “I know how we will use these General.”

“My Empress?” Jinoch asked, his bloodlust trickling through his tone. I appreciated that because if my people were to be fierce we would need leadership that could strike fear. Jinoch, as long as he remained loyal, would stay the Commander of the General’s Circle. All my power and influence would make sure of that.

“We use them against the Axi-Tun. Let them be our first strike.” My words brought about an unexpected silence. I hoped that I had not misjudged the will of General Jinoch. Empress Corrin was a fire that would spread across the universe and I needed people willing to carry that torch. Jinoch’s next words would determine for me if that was the case.

“It would be a risk, but I would stand with you. The universe needs to understand that, even weakened, the Skrulls are not to be reckoned with,” Jinoch said. I was glad that my judgment of him wasn’t wrong. “So do we return home?”

“Yes.” I fold my arms across my chest and horns start to grow from my forehead. “General, I need to be honest with you. There are many amongst my people who are against me. Many that can’t see my vision.”

Jinoch turns and starts to walk back to where the Nirukhay is docked. “Then you have two options, my Empress. Either make them see your vision or take away their vision altogether.”